BBQ at the home of a Mykonian Family

In Mykonos and generally, in Greece, Grilling is a traditional way of cooking, where most families on Sundays used to organize a small gathering, and the man of the house as a Host becomes the cook for the day and throws a BBQ. Nikos and his family open their house to make you feel part of the “Parea” (good friends having lots of fun). As soon as the fire is ready, Nikos prepares the Mykonian delicacies for the guests from local meat, as you enjoy local Mikonu beers and wine in the beautiful garden of Kafedena’s Village.

Special for large groups our Mixed Meat Platter of 10kg with a variety of meat from local farmers and different traditional ways of cutting and cooking.

• Try local beers and local wines
• Taste Traditional Mykonian BBQ In The House Of A Mykonian Family
• Mixed meat Platter

The family garden, Chef just for you, Waiter, Free local wine, Local draft beer Soft drinks and water, Free Parking Dessert of the day, Music

Not Included
• Transportation
• Live Music
• Cocktails and spirits

Sample BBQ Menu
Greek Salad, Tzatziki, Tyrokafteri, Eggplant spread, Fried Mykonian Mushrooms, Mixed meat BBQ, Fresh fried Potatoes, Pita bread, Dessert

Outdoor Activity: Garden of “Kafedena’s Village” in front of our family Church
Group size: 2-25 guests
Duration: 3hrs
Suggested timeline: 13.00-16.00 or 20.00-23.00