Mykonos, behind the spotlights of entertainment, hides real aromas and refined tastes that take you on a journey to other images and traditions of the island. The cuisine in the restaurants may be eclectic with many ethnic flavors present, but if someone pays a little more attention and searches, they can find real culinary treasures simply in the garden of a Mykonian. Behind “Xydaki” microwinery is George Xydakis, a dentist by profession, who has dedicated himself to the promotion of Cycladic varieties and the creation of special wines. The Xydaki Micro-Winery was founded in 2001 and included an old vineyard with Cycladic varieties, with which he worked as an amateur and bottled wines for friends. He creates wines from old vines, mainly in Mykonos but also from the surrounding islands, with minimal interventions and native yeasts. Each wine is bottled in minimal bottles and is aimed at lovers of good wine as well as collectors. Our Selection of wines includes tastes from other Cycladic islands such as Syros and Santorini.

A microbrewery founded in 2016, “Mikonu” (also known as Mykonos Brewing Company) is located right outside Mykonos Town. Mikonu means of Mykonos and their first batch of craft beers launched around May of 2017, bringing the soft breeze of friend-owned businesses over this tourist-filled island. Mikonu, housed in an industrial space just below ground level that once was a bowling center, combines high-quality Greek malt & Belgian caramel wheat malt to create unique and delicious beers for everyone. Brewing is mainly done in large stainlesssteel containers & fermentation vessels or, situationally, in aged wooden barrels.

• Try local beers and local wines
• Taste Traditional Mykonian Flavors (Mezes)
• In The House Of A Mykonian Family
• Private experience

• Three Mykonian Beers
• Three Glasses Of Wine
• Four Dishes With Local
• Flavors
• Free Parking

Not Included
• Transportation
• Live Music
• Cocktails and spirits Menu of your choice (meat menu or seafood menu). You have to choose your Menu in advance.

Sample Menu Coocking Class
Tzatziki, Tyrokafteri, Eggplant Spread,
Mostra, Fried Mykonian sausages,
Fried Mykonian Mushrooms

Outdoor Activity: Garden of “Kafedena’s Village” in front of our family Church
Group size: 2-50 guests
Duration: 3hrs
Suggested timeline: 17.00-20.00 or 20.00-23.00

 Join us for an Unforgettable Tasting Experience!