a unique experience


A unique experience you should not miss during your vacation in Mykonos Island

Panigiri is a centuries old traditional festival placed mainly in the villages of Greek islands, during the summer months.

The three key elements that make a panigiri successful is good music, plenty of food and local wine. This festival is an occasion to meet the locals and dance, drink, eat and feast together.


Fermented bread
Greek Salad
Fried Mykonian sausage
Potatoes cooked in tomato sauce
Boiled lamb
Lamp broth served in a cup
Platter with Mykonian cheeses and cold meats
Onion pie


National Geographic

Join a Mykonian family as they open the doors of their home exclusively to National Geographic travelers . The host family, along with a National Geographic-trained guide , will welcome you with local food, music, and tales about life on the island. They will also share insights into the culture and traditions of the region .

Main stops

Immerse yourself in the heart of Greek tradition, culture, and hospitality. Welcome to Kafedena's Village - your home away from home.

  • Experience at the home of a Mykonian family
  • Visit to the chapel of San Terapone to take part in a traditional “panigiraki” and discover stories about the island's culture
  • Tasting of local products accompanied by local music

The programme

On this tour, Nikos Loizos welcomes you into his homestead for a visit exclusive to National Geographic travelers. This experience is a true local immersion that will give you an intimate understanding of Mykonos and the people who call it home, while inspiring you to protect it during your visit.

Nikos will take you to the private chapel of Saint Therapon, where you will experience a traditional Greek celebration known as a ‘panigiraki’ – a small feast celebrated by families, friends, and relatives. Rejoice with the locals and become fully immersed in the event, as you try your way through traditional food and drink – a truly authentic experience.

While you relax in the courtyard of their home, the family members will share stories about their ancestors and Mykonian culture of the past and present. Following this unique storytelling experience, you will taste local products which include the tasty cold cut, ‘louza’, Tyrovolia cheese and, of course, famous Mykonian sausages – accompanied by local wine, beer and traditional music.