Feast Like a Greek with our

Private Dining

Mykonos except the spotlights of entertainment, hides unique, authentic, refined tastes and aromas which can take you on a journey to another Mykonos filled with traditional images. Restaurant cuisines may be eclectic and full of ethnic flavors but if someone wants to experience something really unique, the only thing to do is to look for and find the simplicity and the beauty hidden in a Mykonian garden. The culinary treasures you’ll discover will be worth it! Kafedena’s Village prides itself on delivering an authentic culinary experience through our Private Dining option. Our menu highlights the finest local ingredients, with dishes prepared by skilled chefs who uphold traditional cooking methods while adding a hint of modern flair.

• Try local beers and local wines.
• Taste Traditional Mykonian Flavors (Mezes).
• In The House Of A Mykonian Family.
• Private experience

• Try local beers and local wines
• Taste Traditional Mykonian Flavors (Mezes)
• In The House of A Mykonian Family
• Private experience

Not Included
• Transportation
• Live Music
• Cocktails and spirits

Menu of your choice (meat menu or seafood menu). You have to choose your Menu in advance.

Outdoor Activity: Garden of “Kafedena’s Village” in front of our family Church
Group size: 6-25 guests
Duration: 3hrs
Suggested timeline: 13.00-16.00 or 20.00-23.00