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This group cooking class in a real Mykonian family home dives right down to the heart of the Greek culinary tradition. This will be an experience that transcends the normal cooking class: really getting to the heart of that full tapestry of Greek cuisine through the stories and expertise of people who adore it and live it every day.

This is why we keep our classes in a small group: to make them very personal, in a way, every participant will have enough space to get fully involved in the whole process of cooking. So, this environment enables one to learn through personal involvement in Greek cooking art and not be just a mere spectator.

Learn from our local best—not only skilled hands in the kitchen but keepers of family recipes through the ages. They look forward to sharing their knowledge with you and ensuring that what they have learned through generations will not be lost.

The classes are semi-private in nature, conducive to plenty of working hands and active participation. They are ideal for a group of friends or couples wishing to partake in a culinary adventure together. 

Participants will come out with the taste of some of the traditional Greek dishes that have been acquired during the workshop, but also, from a recipe booklet that will ensure the continuation of Greek taste within their kitchens. These classes are the one which students or others would like to share with friends, family, or colleagues, as the blending experience of cooking, culture, and camaraderie will be an opportunity to never forget.

This will be a shared cooking class with a small group of participants.

Flavors of Mykonos that unite will make them feel closer. 

Learn from the locals: Discover the art of Greek cooking from experienced home cooks who are passionate about sharing their culinary heritage.
Hands-on experience: Roll up your sleeves and get involved in every step of the cooking process, from selecting the freshest ingredients to mastering authentic techniques.
Personalized instruction: Enjoy a personalized experience in a small group setting, ensuring plenty of one-on-one attention from your hosts.
Taste the fruits of your labor: Sit down to enjoy the delicious dishes you’ve prepared together, accompanied by local wine and lively conversation.
Take home memories: Receive a recipe booklet to recreate these delightful dishes in your own kitchen and cherish the memories of your Mykonian culinary adventure.
Book your group experience now and join this culinary journey for the mind and taste buds, all in Mykonian style.